Wennington Village residents let down by Council-Jon Cruddas MP

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The much needed Heavy Goods Vehicle ban in Rainham and Wennington Village to relieve local residents from heavy lorry traffic has been undermined by how Havering Council has implemented the measure.

Wennington Village residents wanted to protect their environment and stretch of Wennington Road from the lorries that access various sites in East Hall Lane. However, the Council has decided to exempt these lorries.

Jon Cruddas MP, who has campaigned alongside local residents to bring about a lorry ban has now written to Havering Council expressing his disappointment with the decision and calling for the Council to put right the situation by installing signage at the junction of Wennington Road and the A1306 stopping lorry entrance.”

Mr Cruddas said:  “I am baffled by Havering Council’s actions on this, they have completely missed the issue, which is to stop lorries driving through Wennington Village. The obvious answer is to divert the HGV traffic to use East Hall Lane from the A1306.

“I have now asked Havering Council to get their act together and sort this out for the long suffering residents of Wennington Village.”

3 thoughts on “Wennington Village residents let down by Council-Jon Cruddas MP

  • 1st June 2021 at 10:20 am

    This is one of those situations where the MP and the residents need to continue to put pressure on the Havering Council. Unfortunately, Rainham and Wennington is not a con controlled ward and as far as the council is concerned, it’s not in their back yard and not worth worrying about. Come on Mr White, show us a bit of gumption, bite the bullet and do something positive for the residents and stop the lorries causing a problem through the village. You might actually score some real political points.

  • 1st June 2021 at 9:05 pm

    When the new A13 replaced the old A13 all the area in Rainham and Wennington ward south of the new A1306 was included in a 7.5t weight zone. This means HGVs could still enter the zone for access/deliveries, but not as a short-cut between old and new A13, but it was difficult to enforce.

    Due to a growing number of HGVs using our local roads as a short-cut, local councillors have successfully campaigned for a CCTV camera to be installed at the Bridge Road roundabout entrance to the weight zone to enable effective enforcement.

    This new scheme is the old scheme, but now enforced with a CCTV camera. The scheme went live on 11th May and after an initial bedding-in period all HGVs entering Rainham Village or Wennington Village as a short-cut (not access) will be issued with PCNs.

    Wennington Village residents have a specific local problem, because HGVs can access sites in East Hall Lane from Wennington Road/Village. Sites here here have been operating without planning permission and are subject to protracted legal action. The solution here is to remove East hall Lane from the weight zone so that HGVs would have to enter and leave from the A1306, but highway officers say such a decision must await the outcome of the protracted legal action.

    Therefore although I always welcome support from our local MPs, to be clear, the new camera won’t be enforcing against ALL HGVs but only those using the area as a short-cut and the way to reduce the number of HGVs passing through Wennington Village is to remove East Hall Lane from the weight zone, which local council are pressing council officers to do. Therefore it is this specific request that needs supporting from MPs and residents.

    • 2nd June 2021 at 7:24 pm

      One has to ask why we have to wait for the outcome of a protracted legal action to remove East Hall Lane from the weight restriction zone. If the sites are operating without planning permission, redirecting the lorries to East Hall Lane isn’t going to stop them from operating. These highway officers have a strange outlook, or just haven’t got the b***s to actually take the bull by the horns and make it happen.


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