‘Clearly something went very wrong’-TFL apologise for bus restroom closure due to unpaid bill.

The Havering Daily ran an exclusive story last week by angry bus drivers in Romford who were unable to use their Atlanta Boulevard based restroom as Transport For London had not paid the water bill.

Drivers were unable to wash their hands, use the toilet facilities or make any tea or coffee as the water had been shut off due to the unpaid bill.

In response to this Carl Eddleston, Head of Asset Operations at TfL said: 

“I’m extremely sorry that a number of bus drivers were unable to access the usual restroom in Romford. Clearly something went very wrong here, but thankfully arrangements were immediately made for drivers to access nearby facilities.  The closure of the restroom was caused by an error in the billing process. We have addressed this error and have also reopened the restroom.”

  • Throughout the pandemic, hand sanitiser has been available on site.
  • TfL was recently made aware of the presence of rodents at the Atlanta Boulevard restroom. TfL pre-treats all its key bus facilities to help prevent rodent issues arising.
  • TfL is also liaising with Havering Council about the bins in close proximity to the restroom.
  • The restroom is treated every three weeks with anti viral 28 day Zoono pre treatment in line with all other bus facilities.
  • TfL is in the planning process for the redevelopment of the restroom facility on Atlanta Boulevard

One thought on “‘Clearly something went very wrong’-TFL apologise for bus restroom closure due to unpaid bill.

  • 1st June 2021 at 9:00 am

    Well done to the Havering Daily for their prompt publication of the response from Tfl, and to Tfl for answering quickly to. We all make mistakes and if I could tell you about some of the mistakes made by a public body that had serious security implications, I’d be locked up. Some people say I should be locked up anyway, but criticism where criticism is due, and praise where praise is due to.


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