Women in Policing-‘My job is very rewarding’ DC Anoushka Dunic

Detective Constable Anoushka Dunic is an officer who pours her heart into her job and is totally committed to reducing gang culture across East Area.

DC Dunic is part of the Gangs Awareness unit and is an extremely dedicated officer who works tirelessly with parents and carers across east London not just highlighting the issues of gang culture but to also promote well being and positiviness.

In an interview with the Havering Daily as part of our Women in Policing series, Anoushka tells us about her role in the police.

“I joined the Met police twenty years ago. I was a teenager with no real direction and when my brother in law joined, I went to his passing out parade and I saw how the police force was one big family and that gave me the motivation to join.

“The police have been my family for many years now, in a way they bought me up.”

Anoushka has worked most of her career as a detective and recently joined the gangs unit where she has now not only made her mark but has become a key member of the local community where she has gained the trust of most parents in the area.

“The majority of my career has been as a detective, it is in the last three years that I have become an Engagement Officer in this unit. I wasn’t sure at first, but now after being here three years I know it is where I am most happy.

“I have an incredible role that allows me to do so many vital services for our community such as delivering assemblies in schools, talking and engaging with parents and carers, running sessions that are very friendly and approachable for all to join in.I have the ability to bridge gaps in our community, sometimes parents don’t know who to speak to, so here we give the chance to be able to share with us in a safe place.

“My job really is very rewarding, I get to look after many members of our community and build trusting relationships with them.”

Anoushka is an amazing police officer who genuinely carers about the job she does and the community she works in. She is also a mum to a teenage son and a boy of four years old, so understands parent’s fears and concerns about their children joining gangs.

“It is a big concern for all parents no matter where you live. This is why it is so important to have a networking system of support put in place to help support families out there. Being a parent makes it very authentic for me as I share their fears and worries, I worry about my own teenage son.

“The police are very supportive and have allowed me to work very flexible hours to help me raise my children. We are humans and parents first and then police officers.”

DC Anoushka Dunic outside of New Scotland Yard.

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