‘Our children are watching their friends die on the street.’

A Harold Hill woman has described the difficult moment she had in telling two teenage boys that one of their friends had been chased and stabbed and another fatally stabbed, dying at the scene despite desperate attempts by the emergency services to save him.

Havering residents were heartbroken to hear of another fatal stabbing in their borough. Friday saw the fatal stabbing of a 16 year old boy and another taken to hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life threatening.

The local lady who did not wish to be named, told the Havering Daily: “I heard that there had been in stabbing in Harold Wood and then another boy had been chased and stabbed here in Retford Road, this brings back awful memories for us with Amy’s park. We were all horrified, it was awful news. Most people here know each other, we are a close community so everyone knows everyone.

“The names of the lads were soon known to the community so we had to sit our two boys down and tell them what had happened. It was heartbreaking. They are watching their friends die on the streets. Our community is devastated.”

Knife crime is quite clearly another pandemic on our streets that no one seems to be addressing. The police do an amazing job doing the best they can, but this is not a problem you can police your way out of.

“Our children are scared, they go out on the streets and are worried what is going to happen next and to whom.”

Knife crime affects everyone, perhaps now the London Mayor who has been re-elected for a second term, actually chooses to address this issue.

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