Women in policing:’Response policing is the heart of our community, where we can make a real difference.’

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PC Stacey Laslett is a quite a remarkable lady. She has been a frontline Met police officer for 16 years and now is raising two young children as well as managing her job.

She is a bubbly, outgoing and courageous police officer who stops at nothing when it comes to tracking down and getting the suspect in question. She has always been a response officer, meaning that whilst the majority of us can have challenging days at work at times, Stacey’s are guaranteed to be difficult. She has been assaulted more times over the last last three years since returning from maternity leave than in the previous 13 years of her career.

She tells the Havering Daily: “I have always been a front line officer, I really enjoy being a response officer and working with our community. I dealt with the 2006 bombings when I had just joined and was part of the riots that occurred and I remember being chased in Barking town centre.

“I’m a very positive person but I can see that the world has really changed and the challenges we face now are quite unprecedented. Common assault is something officers face everyday, that is the sad reality of policing. I have been assaulted more times over the last three years than ever before. I get spat at, had my shoulder dislocated, the list is long.

“Last week myself and a colleague attended a domestic call and I handcuffed the suspect and placed him in the vehicle. He became aggressive and put his head through the window, so I had to lie him on the ground as I was concerned for his own safety and what harm he might do to himself. I struggled with him on my own as he was very aggressive and I remember two men coming by and start filming me and watched me struggle trying to get the suspect in a comfortable position for his own safety. This is the reality of our job now. “

Despite these many challenges, Stacey goes out everyday to protect and serve the east London community to the best of her ability.

“It is a lot harder now, but we work hard and I really enjoy pro active policing. Even after 16 years of being a police officer, I still go out there everyday and want to make a difference.”

Stacey has two young children aged four and six and balances her difficult job alongside being a mum.

“Coming home makes me appreciate things more. Being a mum, making dinner, reading stories to my children helps me de-stress. The other night I finished my shift at 2am and I was up at 6 am making pack lunches and brushing their hair. That is what makes me see the good things in life. They tell me how much they love me and I go to work knowing how proud they are off me.”

And so they should be as Stacey is an incredible lady who really has served her community well for many years.

“It is hard to balance the two roles. My husband is a paramedic which makes things harder. And Covid made things even harder as it did for most people. I have a year shift pattern so we manage to make things work.

“The Met really is an amazing family, I have just recently passed my sergeants exam and I am lucky I have had so much support from my sergeants and inspectors. It doesn’t matter how many people spit at me, I do my job because I love it and I will keep doing my job because I know that we can make a difference. Response policing is the heart of policing, it is where we can make a real difference in our community.”

PC Stacey Laslett is a real community hero whose work goes unnoticed everyday. Without officers like her, our community would not function. Let’s remember that next time we see police officers on our streets and most importantly let us remember that behind that uniform they are people too.

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