Emotional knife crime seminar held in honour of murdered teenager.

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A special knife crime seminar was held on Saturday to remember the death of 17 year old Champion Ghanda who was murdered on the streets of Forest Gate for no reason whatsoever.

Saturday, his mother and anti knife crime campaigner Peggy Kato from Harold Hill joined forces with Sue Hedges from Hornchurch, who also had her son Ricky Hayden murdered, to let their voices be heard that they have had enough of watching children being murdered on our streets and no one do anything about it.

Supporting Champion’s Charity, Jimmy Lambrianou, Mick Collins, Chris Lambrianou with Peggy Kato Courtney Barrett, April Hayden and Sue Hedges.

The two bereaved mothers were joined by anti knife crime warriors Courtney ‘The Knife man’ Barrett and Ben Spann from ‘Change Your Life Put Down Your Knife’, who work tirelessly to get knives off our streets by engaging with youths. Also present to add to their support was Chris Lambrianou, who was once a gangster but has since dedicated his life to helping people out of a life of crime. Chris is a very remarkable man who despite being incarcerated for 15 years, has spent everyday since helping others find a way out of crime and into a better world. The man is a real community hero who asks for nothing but has given his all to make sure others do not follow his path.

April Hayden and Sue Hedges crying listening to the emotional speech from Peggy.

Peggy and Sue gave emotional speeches that left everyone in the audience crying. These mothers are real heroes, they fight and fight and yet no one chooses to hear their voices. They shine a light to our youths and beg them to please stay away from knife crime and desperately hope that no other family will suffer the heartbreak they have suffered and will suffer for the rest of their life.

Best selling crime author Kimberly Chambers and television star and comedian Ricky Grover also came to show their support to this important issue.

Ricky Grover with Chris Lambrianou and Kimberly Chambers.

Courtney ‘The Knife Man’ Barrett told the Havering Daily:

“Although Saturday’s seminar was extremely hard-hitting and emotional, it was a was much needed community event.
It was a step towards uniting the community in protecting our youth from knife crime.The authorities are ignoring the knife crime epidemic, so we the community are left to fend for ourselves, to ensure the safety of our youth.
I urge everyone to get involved by visiting binningknivessaveslives.com and supporting the community campaign to reduce knife crime.

“I’d like to thank Peggy the mother of Champion Ghanda who was murdered eight years ago, for hosting this event which can only be beneficial for the whole community. I hope we see more successful community events like this, so youths can live in a safer environment.”

Times Best Selling author Kimberly Chambers told the Havering Daily: “I was very pleased to be able support his important cause and be there for these mums. Thank you for inviting me.”

These mothers need their voices heard once and for all to stop the pandemic of knife crime on our streets and our youth brutally murdered.

Courtney ‘The Knife Man’ Barrett.

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