VIDEO:Anti Knife crime campaigners and bereaved parents descend on City Hall demanding Khan to ‘get out’.


Bereaved parents and anti knife crime campaigners descended on Sadiq Khan’s doorstep yesterday at City Hall asking for the Mayor to resign following his complete failure on knife crime.

Parents and campaigners gathered outside the building with placards, asking for justice for their loved ones.

The event was organised by the anti knife crime group Binning Knives Saves Lives, with founder Courtney ‘the knife man’ Barrett delivering over 1100 knives he has taken off the streets of east London to the Mayor.

Sue Hedges and April Hayden, mother and sister of murdered Ricky Hayden spoke to the crowd about the devastating impact knife crime has had on their family. Ben Spann who runs the social media group ‘Change your life put down your knife’ and is an anti knife crime campaigner also spoke to the crowd delivering his message on the fatal consequences carrying a knife has.

London Mayoral candidate Farah London hosted the event, calling on the current Mayor to move out and lets bring London back to what it once was.

Sue Hedges and April Hayden with Farah London.
Courtney Barrett with anti knife crime campaigner.
Sue Hedges,Joanne Chesney, Ben Spann and April Hayden

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