Ladies crochet charity sign to help support those in need.

Our crocheting queens Debbie and Kerry from south Hornchurch have been out supporting the community once again. The two ladies who are now well known in the area for their beautiful craftwork that is left displayed across post boxes and other focal parts of the community have made another piece of their craft to support a local charity shop.

Debbie told the Havering Daily: “Both myself and Kerry are firm believers that everyone deserves a second chance and this charity shop does a fantastic job looking after those who have lost their homes or may need extra help.”

Throughout the pandemic, both Debbie and Kerry not only crocheted to help raise money for charity, but also made cakes for neighbours and checked in on them to see if they needed help.

‘Charity Begins At Home ‘is a shop in Rainham Old Village run by Joe Norman who has been supporting his community throughout this difficult period. The sign made by the two ladies is going to be proudly displayed at the very front of the shop.

Well done to our two ladies for their amazing work.

Joe Norman proudly holding his new sign.

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