‘Please teach your children to love and not hate.’

Today marks International Women’s Day and the Havering Daily is celebrating women in Havering and across east London who are real community heroes.

Peguy Kato is an amazing lady. She lives in Harold Hill and is a mum to eight children, one of whom she lost to knife crime. Champion was murdered on the streets of Forest Gate for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Following her 17 year old son’s death, Peguy did not think the sun would ever rise again and that her world would be in darkness.

Yet now she spends everyday of her life helping others right across east London. She runs Champion’s Charity in memory of her son, the charity works with many families including those who have lost children to knife crime. She works with the police on many support groups, she is a Co-ordinator for a Barking and Dagenham support group and at the weekend she delivers food to the many east London families in need of help.

Peguy is a true community hero who has a huge heart. She told the Havering Daily: “All the sadness I have experienced has helped me be the person I am today. My motivation in life is love, and doing things to help others.

“I think we should all be inspired by love. Love is the key to life. In our society there is too much hate, too much anger. That should all be replaced by love. It is vital that we have good communication with our children, they must know how much we love them and they should share the love back. Please teach your children to love and not hate.”

Peguy is a lady who has dedicated her life in helping others, an amazing role model to other women and a true community hero.

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