Andrew Rosindell welcomes acceleration of vaccine rollout in Romford

Andrew Rosindell M.P. has welcomed the Government’s Vaccines Delivery Plan – the biggest vaccination programme in British history – that sets ambitious targets as the government continues to ramp up its vaccine rollout. 

Already in Romford, 25% per cent of the population, one in four, have received a vaccine – and with the programme averaging more than 2.5 million doses a week, the Prime Minister is aiming to have offered every adult a vaccine by the end of July.  

This figure includes children, and therefore the percentage of adults vaccinates is significantly higher.

The United Kingdom is leading the way with its vaccination programme. So far, more than 18.6 million people have received a vaccine – equivalent to 1 in 3 adults. This is the third highest per capita, behind only the UAE and Israel. In addition, only two countries have administered more doses than the United Kingdom – China and the USA.  

Everyone in the top four priority groups has now been offered a vaccine, as invites are now going out those in priority groups 5 to 9. The latest figures now show that two thirds of those aged 65 to 69 have now been vaccinated.  

Mr Rosindell has also welcomed the Prime Minister’s roadmap to take cautious and irreversible steps out of lockdown, which will be guided by the data and not dates.  

Andrew Rosindell M.P. said: 

“In contrast to the European Union, the leadership of which has been bullying private companies and feeding concerns about the effectiveness of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for older people, the UK’s vaccination programme, led by the NHS, has been an overwhelming success. 

With the most vulnerable now vaccinated in vast numbers, and with data showing that the vaccine reduces transmission, the Government should be ready and willing to accelerate the easing of the lockdown restrictions, to get the economy moving as quickly as possible.” 

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