It’s been a manic week-the horrors of knife crime.

Lucy Martindale is a lady who has dedicated her life to raising awareness of knife crime and supporting its victims.She is the capital’s biggest knife crime campaigner and community advocate and today she writes in the Havering Daily.

It’s been a manic week. Several murders and untold violent attacks.

It’s friday night at midnight and another teenager has just been pronounced dead, after being stabbed.

Yet, Cressida Dick still downplays the rise in violent crime. Things are out of control. They have lost control of the streets.Where is the outrage, for these killings?

Where are the MPs? Why dont they turn up when there’s been a killing and engage the community and comfort people.

I never see them.

Why isn’t Boris Johnson writing personal letters to every single family who has lost a loved one?

I thought, all lives mattered?

I have requested a meeting with Sadiq Khan, Sophie Linden and colleagues at City Hall as several issues regarding the streets of London need to be raised. Again.

We did have a quarterly meeting scheduled last year in March, which was postponed due to the lockdown. How many have been killed in that year? And what’s been done to prevent it?

Covid- 19 will be used as an excuse for everything, as to why things are so bad and the lack of support or resources given to victims.

It’s lies. It’s just a cover up for incompetence and not caring about the knife crime pandemic we have in sections of our communities.

My new organisation launched last week, Sw Advocacy London: offering support services to bereaved families and victims of violent crime. (Website is being made this week)

You can email for any enquiries in the meantime.

The police do a great job in supporting families in the aftermath of a murder, however not all families or friends wish to engage closely with police, that’s where I come in and mediate ,take some pressure off at such a traumatic time.

From identifying a body, to planning a funeral, liaising with councils, schools,doctors, the lead up to the trial etc.

The journey is a long one for the victims families.

Bereavement counselling needs to be given asap. You shouldn’t have to wait months or a year. The NHS is on it’s knees, due to cuts.

I also work with young people at risk of offending, and those sadly already in the criminal justice system. Some have been victims of violence themselves.

Helping them to turn their lives around with non judgemental support in place 24/7 provided by myself and a team of other professionals.

I wanted to address the video being circulated this week, where a group of men are surrounding a 13 – year- old boy, who apparently was robbing people at knife point. It has now been revealed, those adults beat up that child.

I have seen pictures of his Injuries. Vigilanty attacks, are not ok. You can’t take the law into your own hands. I will never condone knife crime. Nor do I think it’s ok to carry one, however, I understand these young people and the complex issues going on. I can assure you, beating up kids carrying knives is not a solution to solving the problem.

The child can be saved and be given guidance and support to not carry a knife. Adults must do better, how do you expect children to not be violent if that’s what you’re Inflicting upon them.

There’s laws in this country, and they must be followed by everyone, right?

Not one rule for one, and another rule for another.

If we’re going to try and reduce violence communities need to come together.

Instead of sitting around waiting for the next murder we must all play our part. As a society, we have deeply failed these children. In my opinion. Not many people understand what grooming is. It really is frustrating seeing adults blame children for their own murders. They haven’t taken the time out to understand or educate themselves on the problems going on.

Before making awful comments or sharing distressing videos of a child being hurt or murdered, stop and think. How would you feel, if that was your child or family member?

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