VIDEO: A special fun fair day for two year old Ava.

Many of you may remember the lovely two year old Ava Cottle. Ava suffers from Leukemia and is under going regular blood transfusions. As a result is sadly unable to do the things most two year olds do and has spent half of her life in lockdown.

Last Saturday 27th of February, a special day was organised for Ava to bring some join and happiness into her life. Fun fair rides came to Dagenham, along side a special visit from Green Watch Fire crew from Dagenham and a little help from our amazing police officers who joined in on the magical day.

Cherrie, Ava’s mum wanted to give her daughter the opportunity to be able to go on some fun fair rides and thanks to friends and family this was organised for her.

Green Watch fire crews from Dagenham came with not only their fire engine but also their 32 metre turn table that left everyone speechless as the crane rose up into the air. Neighbours looked on in amazement.

Local police officers were on hand to join in the fun, turning on their blue lights and siren to put a smile on children’s faces.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this day so special. A particular thanks to Green Watch fire crew who went out of their way to cheer up 9 year old Henley Joe, Ava’s brother.

Green Watch fire crew on their 32 metre turntable with a special poster of Ava.

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