Romford MP calls on Prime Minister to be flexible in roadmap out of lockdown.

Andrew Rosindell, M.P. for Romford has responded to the Prime Minister’s statement today, laying out the lifting of coronavirus restrictions over the coming months, urging the Prime Minister to “show flexibility and a willingness to move faster, if the data allows it.”The Prime Minister announced a 4-step plan during a statement delivered to the House of Commons on the afternoon of the 22nd of February.

The first step will see schools and colleges open for all students on the 8th March, and some household mixing outdoors, with recreation or exercise allowed with household or one other person.

The second step, on the 29th March, will see the rule of six return for outdoor meetings, as well as outdoor sport returning, although household mixing indoors will still be banned.

The third step will take place at the earliest on the 17th of May, with indoor entertainment and attractions returning, domestic overnight stays allowed, the rule of six returning indoors, and a third person limit outdoors. Some large events with capacity limits will also begin, and weddings will be able to take place for up to 30 people. International travel will also be allowed. 

The fourth step, no earlier than 21st of June, will see all remaining restrictions lifted.Andrew Rosindell M.P. said:
“I’m pleased to see the Prime Minister commit to a roadmap, with clear dates and criteria, to lift restrictions on our lives, livelihoods and businesses. He has provided a light at the end of the tunnel, during what for many has proven to be the most difficult part of the pandemic.The Prime Minister has also been clear that this will be the last lockdown. He has been able to make this commitment because of the phenomenal pace of the vaccine rollout, for which the Government deserves enormous credit. By mid-April, the top 8 priority groups, covering the top 9 priority groups and 99% of hospitalisations will have received a first dose of the vaccine.However, the pace of the vaccine rollout, and the emerging data of the impact of vaccines on transmission, do raise questions about the speed at which the Government is lifting restrictions. An abundance of caution may please the scientists, but it will continue to compound the enormous economic damage already done.

“While the Prime Minister indicated a willingness to slow down the process of opening up, the Prime Minister should also show flexibility and a willingness to move faster, if the data allows it.”

One thought on “Romford MP calls on Prime Minister to be flexible in roadmap out of lockdown.

  • 24th February 2021 at 8:43 am

    The problem is, as highlighted by former prime minister Theresa May during a parliamentary debate, rather than the data determining the policy, the policy is determining the data. In other words its always been a political rather than medical decision to impose the communist lockdowns, and so if he wished the prime minister could find data to lift the lockdowns yesterday, assuming he’s in charge, but instead it appears he’s just following the best expert corporate advice money can buy!

    Hence why instead of a 3-week lockdown to “squash the sombrero” to stop the NHS being overwhelmed, we are now being subjected to prolonged harmful lockdowns to deal with a “casedemic” followed by new “variants” to again stop the NHS being overwhelmed! Instead a more logical response, among many, is to increase NHS capacity to cope, because surely the NHS should be protecting patients, NOT patients to protecting the NHS!


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