Special Constable Waheed Aslam a man dedicated to uniting police and Bame communities together.

Met Police Special Constable Waheed Aslam is a man on a mission uniting Bame communities across east London and getting them to join the Met police.

The Multi lingual constable joined the force to make a difference and openly tells us ‘The Met Police is very different to what it once was.’ This special constable has dedicated his time working as a constable and doing fantastic outreach work in east area.

He told the Havering Daily: “The Met is changing, we face many challenges from ethnic groups and I’m here to show them what great job opportunities there are out there for members of the Bame community. I’m originally from Pakistan, my supervisor is the same as me. We are here to make a difference and to show our Bame family all the things they can achieve if they want to join.”

Waheed is from Newham and is based as special constable in Camden but works across east area with our youth across schools, colleges and local clubs to promote the Met police recruitment programme.

“I’ve always spent my time helping the youth stay away from trouble and getting them to engage in positive activities. This is one of the reasons why I joined the Met. Now I go into many schools and colleges and talk to teenagers about the new Met Police recruitment programme. I also visit local mosques and churches and spend time chatting with teenagers about their issues and how we can help. It’s all about enouraging others to make a difference.”

Waheed shared with us the new police recruitment campaigns the Met has launched to attract more women and members of the Bame community to join the Met.

“The new recruitment programme is allowing us to have an extra 8,000 and the Met has launched its new Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship. This is an amazing opportunity for young people to join and have a great career.

“The programme is a three year course for anyone leaving school and may not want to go university. It is run in partnership with different universities, University of East London, Anglia Ruskin, University of West London and Brunel. You spend a week at Hendon and then are sent to your basic command unit. 20% of the course is spent at university and the rest is doing frontline police duty.

“The starting salary for this apprenticeship is £30,000. This is a brilliant apprenticeship for any teenager out there looking to for an exciting career. The Met really is an amazing family to work for and you can make such a difference to our community.

“The second exciting opportunity we are offering is for those who already have a degree and would like to join. This is a two year diploma programme.”

Both these course provide great job opportunities for people who are looking to have a good career path and make a difference in our community. Police officers are community heroes who put their lives on the line for us everyday.

“I wanted to help others and make a difference in our community and joining the police has allowed me to do this and provided me with fantastic opportunities.”

You can join the new Police Constable Apprenticeship programme at the age of 17 years old and only need two A level’s at grade C.

Waheed is on hand to help anyone looking to join who may have any queries, please feel free to email him and have a chat about the new apprenticeship programme. You can email Waheed on EAMailbox-.EngagementandRecruitment@met.police.uk

Waheed is an excellent example of how a person can really make a difference in the local community. He is a true community hero and a great police officer. Well done Waheed!

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