Harold Wood Councillors caring for their community.

Harold Wood Councillors have been out working in their community. They were contacted by several residents about encroaching bramble bushes opposite residential houses in Shepherds Hill. One of the residents is nearly blind and has to hold on to her husband’s arm because, due to the overgrown brambles bushes they can only walk down that road single file. The overgrowing bushes make it potentially very dangerous for residents especially as they are situated by a bus stop on a very busy road.

Although, Havering Council have been informed and work is now scheduled for the bushes to be cut back, Councillors, Brian Eagling and Martin Goode took immediate action and cleared back almost a foot of overgrown grass and weeds from the pavement in order to make the walkway wider and make access for the bus stop slightly more easier.

Well done Councillor Eagling and Councillor Goode who once again step in to help their community.

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