Nursery children pay their own special tribute to Sir Tom.

Children from the Stepping Stones Nursery, run by Havering Colleges at Ardleigh Green, Hornchurch, were excited to pay their very own special tribute to the heroic Captain Sir Tom Moore yesterday (Thursday 4th February).

The children walked 100 steps around the nursery garden and then clapped 100 times before proudly holding up colourful pictures they had drawn of Sir Tom.

The super happy toddlers beamed as they marched in a line, led by nursery staff, who encouraged them to count out loud to 100. After clapping one hundred times, the children were told about the inspirational Captain. 

They heard how he had walked around his garden 100 times, and how the money he had raised was helping the doctors and nurses of the NHS to care for people the children might know who were sick.  

Nursery Manager Kerrie Taylor said: “This was a fun and educational way for young children to remember Captain Sir Tom Moore, a gentleman who inspired the nation during this difficult year for all. We wanted to pay tribute to him but also acknowledge that even young children have been affected by the Covid pandemic. The children were very excited and really enjoyed joining in with the marching and counting.”

The Stepping Stones nursery at the college is available to all residents, not just staff and students. It is currently open to support key workers and other families who need it, within lockdown guidelines.

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