Over development in Havering by Daniel Beal.

Independent Resident Association member Danial Beal today writes in the Havering Daily.

Many residents have complained that most of the new developments in Havering are actually over-developments, too much density of properties, visually too high and insufficient funds for the necessary infrastructure e.g. roads, medical services etc.

Closer to home and, in what must seem to be an insult added to injury, the proposal to squeeze, again, more properties onto the Beam Park  development in Rainham is very disappointing. 

The reasons given, such as making properties of equal size (always making them higher!), are frankly disingenuous. It is clearly about making more monies for developers and more numbers for Government and Mayoral housing targets.  

This will however come at a cost to the new residents. They will be removing family houses and replacing them with apartment blocks (what a surprise!). The excuse is to ‘frame’ the Park (visually) in the middle of the whole development by matching the tall apartment blocks on the other side (ignoring the houses actually next to these new blocks! ). I won’t be surprised if they do this elsewhere, as they build everything out , and say ‘look there are new (sic) apartment blocks here, so we should replace the proposed houses next door!

We were promised a ‘Garden Suburb’ by Council when promoting the redevelopment of the New Road, Rainham area. Every developer, including the Council, has reneged on that promise by replacing many (promised or agreed) houses for apartment and tower blocks. 

Even on this plot (they call it Phase 2A) ,another green space will be lost to development. It has already become too tall and too dense.

If you are unhappy with the proposals go the website PHASE 2A — Beam Park (beamparklondon.co.uk) and comment. 

The development will soon be known as ‘Tower City’ rather than a liveable community, all in order to satisfy Government and Mayoral housing targets at a cost to new and existing resident’s quality of life. 

Daniel Beal

Independent Residents Group

2 thoughts on “Over development in Havering by Daniel Beal.

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  • 7th February 2021 at 7:52 pm

    Perhaps Mr Beal could ask Messers Rosindale and White to write letters to Helen Oakerbee, Assistant Director of Planning at Havering Council, this time, objecting to the proposal to squeeze more properties onto the Beam Park development in Rainham. Mr Rosindale is very good at writing letters, but only when it’s good for him or his constituents, or con trolled wards. There is none so blind as those who choose not to see the problems that are going to occur over the lack of infrastructure that is the area. Unfortunately, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer can’t see/won’t see because it’s not in their areas.


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