Woman left shaken as car kerb crawls after her dog.

A Rainham woman was left shaking after a car kerb crawled following her as she walked her dog on Saturday evening.

Sarah who owns two Staffordshire Bull Terriers was on her afternoon walk along Frederick Road with one of her dogs when she noticed a car start to kerb crawl alongside her with the passenger window down, openly staring at her dog.

Sarah told the Havering Daily: “It was really frightening, I was walking just after 5pm on Frederick Road that was starting to get dark when this car began following me. It pulled up alongside me with the passenger window open and literally kerb crawled down the road. The man inside was openly staring at my dog.

“From behind my dog looks like a puppy but he isn’t and he has been neutered. I know they want dogs for dog fighting and baiting and that terrifies me, I don’t have children so my dogs are my babies.”

The car then proceeded to follow Sarah along her walk down Frederick Road.

She continued: “He was literally staring at my dog as I was walking him, just kerb crawling beside me. I didn’t want to show him that I was scared and at one point he drove in front of me and stopped me from walking in front of his car. I actually said to him ‘what are you doing?’ and he didn’t answer but kept following me.

“A jogger then came running passed me which made me jump and I think that made him move as he began to really slowly drive away.”

Sarah was very shaken up by this experience and rarely walks her dogs on the roads because of her fear of having her dog snatched.

“I normally walk my dogs on the field as I’m worried about all the reports of attempted dog snatching. I know this man was definitely starring at my dog and looking to take him. The laws need to be changed to stop all these dog thefts.”

The vehicle following Sarah is described as a dark grey Vauxhall Astra and the man is described as in his early 40’s, white, very pale looking with dirty blonde hair.

Havering’s Wildlife Crime Officer PC Anthony Kiddle told the Havering Daily: “It is really important that the public report these incidents to us. If we are not told about it then we can not follow this up and investigate. Sadly many of these incidents are put on social media but not reported to us and as a result we cannot follow them up. If you are aware of any issues or incidents please report them to us and we will investigate them straight away.”

PC Kiddle is a very well respected officer in our borough who works tirelessly to stop animal abuse and wildlife crime across our Havering. If you are aware of any animal offences or have concerns, please drop us a message and we will pass your information on to PC Kiddle.

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