Cavendish Avenue victory and its trees issued with a protection order.

Residents living along Cavendish Avenue were chuffed to learn that plans to build flats along their historic road have been scrapped. The Havering Daily was proud to support this campaign and gave it its full backing when it started last year.

Cavendish Avenue in Elm Park made the headlines in the autumn as plans to build flats and the knocking down of some of the beautiful old Chestnut trees, were revealed. The area is part of the RAF Hornchurch and known as a historic site.

Residents were horrified when they learnt that their quiet road, lined with stunning old Chestnut trees could potentially all face the axe as developers had flagged up the area to construct a block of flats facing the existing flats.

Cavendish Avenue is a very quite road in Elm Park that has houses on one side and flats set far back on the other. It also has a line of amazing old trees that frame the picturesque road, adding to its beauty.

Locals living along the road were distraught when they heard the news of the plans to build a block of flats facing the existing flats and the news that they many have to cut down some of their much loved trees.

Sue Smith began the protest campaign last year and organised a socially distanced protest along Cavendish Avenue that saw all of the residents come out to protest along with the backing of local councillors, MP’s and the local GLA representative.

Councillors Stephanie Nunn, Barry Mugglestone, Sally Miller, along side Havering and Redbridge Conservative GLA Member Keith Prince, Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas and Council Leader Councillor Damian White all joined forces to stop the build of these flats.

Leader of the campaign Sue told the Havering Daily: “I’m ecstatic. I can’t believe it actually. Truthfully with the way flats are being built everywhere we couldn’t believe this. This is amazing. I’d like to thank the man in the council who knocked back the planning application. We are all so pleased.”

Not only has the planning application been pretty much rejected but the trees that line the road will now be subject to tree protection orders that saves them from ever being cut down.

Councillor Sally Miller told the Havering Daily: “I’m so pleased that the council are going to refuse the application and have put a tree protection order on some of the trees. I’ve been working hard with the residents to help them object to the application.”

Councillor Stephanie Nunn told the Havering Daily: “I was ecstatic to receive the planning officer’s recommendation and immediately reported the good news to Sue Smith who Councillor Barry Mugglestone and I have worked with closely on the campaign for refusal of this planning application.

“I explained that delegated officers have to make the final decision, but I am guardedly optimistic. This will be a very popular decision as residents on both sides of Cavendish Avenue and hundreds of supporters do not want the green on this historic RAF Hornchurch built on.

“I congratulate Sue for leading the campaign, Havering Council for their 17 tree preservation orders and thank all who have given their support. It is very important that we preserve the history of the area.”

Havering and Redbridge Conservative GLA Member Keith Prince told the Havering Daily: “I am delighted to learn that the Council have seen sense and agreed to put Tree Preservation Orders on the spectacular trees in Cavendish Avenue and more importantly that they have turned down the current planning application which is completely out of keeping and over bearing compared with the current setting.”

Well done to all involved and in particular to Sue Smith and the residents along Cavendish Avenue who led this victorious campaign.

Sue finished by saying: “Everyone came together to make this campaign successful, power to the people!”

One thought on “Cavendish Avenue victory and its trees issued with a protection order.

  • 1st February 2021 at 11:33 am

    A big well done and thank you to all who have stopped the proposed development in Cavendish Avenue. That includes the Council Leader and other conservative councillors. However, it would have been informative for all concerned if these people had made their voices heard at the time of the proposal and when the article first appeared in the Havering Daily. By not showing their support at that time, residents including myself, will always get the wrong impression; not based on an assumption, but rather on the lack of visibility and support at the time. ‘One in the eye,’ as they say, for the developers. One down, several more to go…


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