Residents and cross party representatives come out in force to object three storey flats in Cavendish Avenue.


Residents living along Cavendish Avenue in Elm Park came out to protest yesterday following a planning application to build a possible 21 flats, three storey high on the small patch of green.

The new build would mean the end of ten beautiful horse chestnut trees that have been there for nearly a hundred years and the end of the small green space elderly residents use as a little garden when they don’t feel comfortable going out.

The ten horse chestnut trees nearly 100 years old.

Residents lined the streets in protest and had a cross party support to back them that included Keith Prince, Conservative GLA member for Havering and Redbridge, Trevor McKeever from the South Hornchurch Labour Action Team and local Residents Association Councillors Stephanie Nunn and Barry Mugglestone.


Locals who live along Cavendish Avenue are angry at the plan to fit a three storey set of flats right on their green in the middle of their road. The small area currently allows the elderly living their to have a little seated area and bird tables where they watch the wildlife. With the new build residents would be looking at a set of flats literally metres from their front door.

Bird tables on the green
Residents protesting

Trevor McKeever from the South Hornchurch Labour Action Team told the Havering Daily:
“This is a development too far, Cavendish Avenue, with its historic connections to RAF Hornchurch may be blighted with a carbuncle of a development that will destroy a tree lined avenue, also concealing many of the existing former RAF billets behind a totally inappropriate and unsympathetic new build, let alone the destruction of TEN Horse-chestnut Trees which have been standing for over SEVENTY YEARS this would have a detrimental environmental impact on the area.

Residents protesting

“The residents came out in force today to show the developers they have a fight on their hands, and I for one will be standing along side them supporting this community in any way I can.”

Residents and local representatives yesterday at Cavendish Avenue.

4 thoughts on “Residents and cross party representatives come out in force to object three storey flats in Cavendish Avenue.

  • 26th October 2020 at 5:44 pm

    Cavendish Avenue, Elm Park, is a ward in the London Borough of Havering, aka ‘Damian’s patch’. It is held by two Residents Association Councillors and an ex Residents Association Councillor who crossed the floor after being tempted by the ‘Queen’s shilling’. Not by coincidence, you didn’t see this person at the protest. No chance; that would have brought the wrath of their Leader down on them and the consequences would have been disastrous, as well as no more ‘Queen’s shilling’. Shame really, that they don’t have the courage of their convictions to stand by the principles they were originally elected on. This HA turncoat, didn’t, and still doesn’t live in the ward they were elected in, and if the Gerrymandering boundaries are changed, there will not be a place for them to stand again in the same ward. Not that it matters, because at the next local elections, whichever way the boundaries are changed, they will certainly be standing in the ward they do live in. No prizes for guessing which current Tory councillor will be losing their position so the turncoat can be ‘parachuted in to her place. Perhaps, more importantly, we mustn’t forget, in order to ensure ‘Damian’s patch’ has plenty of new housing, only those wards which aren’t con controlled are going to be hit. Having more time on your hands, Mr Rosindale, following the loss of your role as Trade Envoy to Tanzania, why not write another letter to Helen Oakerbee, Assistant Director of Planning at Havering Council, this time, objecting to the planning application to build a possible 21 flats, three storeys high, on the small patch of green, as well as the destruction of ten horse-chestnut Trees which have been standing for over seventy years. No ****** chance! It’s not a con controlled ward and not in his constituency either.

  • 26th October 2020 at 8:07 pm

    The elderly residents in Cavendish and Park Lane who look out onto the green will lose their view of the sky, their bird tables and squirrel feeders as well as the trees, the lilacs and their tiny patch of garden. In these times, it’s the only place they can sit and meet their children or grandchildren, socially distanced, in the open air. They will look out onto brick walls and other people’s windows, with only a narrow walkway and borders between. Total overdevelopment – not to mention the extra traffic in an already congested road, used by residents and parents picking up and dropping school children. 6 parking spaces for 21 flats is totally inadequate, bearing in mind these elderly residents have many visitors, carers and ambulances needing access in an already crowded road.

  • 26th October 2020 at 9:15 pm

    Absolute disgrace. The disruption to the elderly residents and the environment, wildlife etc is appalling and should not be allowed to go ahead. of all places for a development this could not be a worse choice and makes no sense.

    People view will have no natural light, views blocked. This is after months/years of construction work to get the flats up. A nice peaceful place will dramatically disturbed and become very chaotic, would not be appealing to anyone.


  • 28th October 2020 at 7:30 am

    Maybe people will understand what boundary changes will mean now !


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