Fantastic gangs awareness course by East Area police helps local parents.

East Area Police have been running a fantastic gangs awareness course that has been helping parents right across east London.

Run by Detective Anoushka Dunic, the Gangs Unit Engagement Officer for East Area, the three week course gives parents an eye opening insight into the world of gangs and engages them on a journey of learning and self awareness.

The three week seminar is aimed at all parents and carers, with the aim to empower parents by providing them with knowledge and new learning skills.

DC Dunic told the Havering Daily: “The sessions are very interactive, we encourage the attendees to share with us and each other to help promote group discussions.”

The sessions are divided into three weekly sessions for two hours.

DC Dunic continued: “The first session is all about street gangs. The language used by gangs, exploitation and and county lines. We share knowledge with parents about gangs and how they operate. We make the sessions very interactive so everyone has the ability to ask questions when they need.

“The second session is very different and takes parents on a journey exploring their own childhood, looking at the brain and early development. We look at reasons why some children are more vulnerable to exploitation than others.

“We also look at the relationship parents have with their children. This session is a chance for parents to be introspective and look inside themselves at their own childhood to help them learn more about themselves.

“We also do a meditation, it is a three minute meditation tool to help all of us improve our mental health.

“The third and final session is about the support network that exists out there to help parents. It also looks at boundaries and how to have a safe house. As humans we all love boundaries as they make us feel safe.”

These three sessions have been very informative for locals in the east area region who have called it a ‘must for all parents and carers’.

DC Dunic finished: “They are three very intense sessions but very rewarding and I know many parents have learnt a lot from them and we have received very positive feed back right across the board.”

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