‘Food packages an insult to families’-Jon Cruddas MP.

Families in the borough that receive free school meals and are already struggling have received food packages from the Government that have been in no way, even barely adequate.

Many families across Rainham have written to their MP Jon Cruddas about the shambolic food packages they have received that are in theory, supposed to feed their families.

In an interview with the Havering Daily, the Dagenham and Rainham MP said: “I have had lots of emails from parents right across my constituency telling me that these food packages that are supposed to be worth £30, have in no way been adequate for families that are already struggling.

“The food packages have consisted of sprouting potatoes, oranges that have been battered about, and in no way are they worth the value of £30. These are worth around £15 so where has the rest of the money gone to?

“These families are already struggling, they are at their wits end with everything else going on, how insulting is it to deliver packages like this to people? This should not be happening today. “

The MP is angry at how the Government have once again left those who are the most vulnerable in our community with shoddy support during a time of national emergency.

“We need the voucher scheme to return, these food packages are just an insult to families that are most in need,” finished Mr Cruddas who has written to Vicky Ford MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families complaining about this.

The letter written by Jon Cruddas MP.

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