Back Our Bobbies: Evie has a birthday to remember with a special visit from the police.

Evie Williams is a very special little girl whose infectious smile has made not just the Havering community happy, but the whole country.

On Saturday, Evie celebrated her ninth birthday and she did this in style thanks to the help of Inspector Neal Donohoe and his team of fantastic officers at East Roads Policing.

Evie, from Collier Row is a super fan of the police. She loves police cars and their flashing blue lights. Her mum Tina told the Havering Daily: “Every time she sees a police car driving by, she always stops and waves at them. She is a huge fan of the police.”

Evie was born with Williams Syndrome, she has a hole in her heart and has learning difficulties, she also has the biggest smile you can ever find and is always smiling. She really is an amazing little girl.

To make her birthday special, Inspector Neal Donohoe and his team of officers at the traffic garage in Chadwell Heath arranged for her to have a visit from his officers to sing her happy birthday.

At 3pm on Saturday, three police cars and two police motorbikes made their way outside of Evie’s house to surprise her and as you can see from the video below, she definitely was surprised.

Evie had the chance to sit on a police motorbike, in a police car and was given her very own police hat, shoulder epaulettes with her name and birthday on them, a colouring book and a stocking fully of goodies.

Inspector Neal Donohoe told the Havering Daily: “We were very pleased to be able to help Evie celebrate her ninth birthday. Thank you to all my officers who helped Evie celebrate her special day. I am very fortunate to have such a great team of officers. I hope we brought a smile to your face.”

This was a day Evie will always remember and so will our community.

Thank you to Inspector Neal and your team of officers, you are definitely our community heroes. Not all heroes wear capes, these wear uniforms.

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