Rainham MP launches campaign for more medical care services south of the borough.

The Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas has launched a campaign for more medical care services and facilities south of the borough. Today he writes:

The reports of closure early in the New Year of the Spring Farm GP surgery in Upminster Road North have brought about protests from local residents.

Dagenham and Rainham Labour MP, Jon Cruddas said in response to people getting in touch with him this week, “This is the latest in a string of cutbacks to primary health care across Rainham and South Hornchurch. I am launching a petition to say this has gone too far and that the area needs additional health facilities and services”.  Patients of the Spring Farm surgery that has been in Upminster Road North for over 30 years contacted the MP on learning the news. GP surgeries in the area are already oversubscribed and patients are being directed to the South Hornchurch Medical Centre.

He commented “That may be fine for some people but I have received calls and emails from older residents, those with disabilities, and parents with babies and young children who will now face a bus journey to get medical treatment. Local GPs should be local, not a complicated journey away.” 

The latest closure follows the loss of the Mungo Park GP surgery and the surgery that was on the former Mardyke Estate together with the earlier run down of services in Rainham and South Hornchurch.

Jon added “I have contacted NHS England and the Managing Director of the Clinical Commissioning Group for Havering, Barking and Dagenham and Redbridge to set out the case for a much needed increase in primary health care services for Rainham and South Hornchurch. I have pointed out that over the next 4 years this area will see an increase of 10,000 in its population just from the housing developments taking place. To be reducing services is a recipe for disaster as pressures grow on already overstretched vital services”.

Jon Cruddas MP has launched a petition calling on the Government and NHS England to either restore full services across existing facilities or deliver a new Medical Centre for the people of Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park. You can sign the petition here: https://joncruddas.org.uk/hands-off-our-healthcare

3 thoughts on “Rainham MP launches campaign for more medical care services south of the borough.

  • 20th November 2020 at 8:35 am

    Treacherous labour paedophile supporter.. Google “Labour 25″… The filthy perverts, they make my blood boil just like the treacherous tories.

  • 20th November 2020 at 2:13 pm

    Thank you Mr Cruddas, there is no doubt we need more medical care facilities in the south of the Borough. However, given the Con controlled Havering Council’s promises to build more homes in the area, we are going to need a lot more infrastructure than just a medical centre. Don’t forget the schools, the roads and bus and rail networks, to name but a few. Please add them to your list so we don’t get left behind in this Council’s bid to destroy the non con controlled wards in Havering.

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