VIDEO: Back Our Bobbies-Meet Inspector Donohoe a high speed pursuit driver who keeps our roads safe.


As part of Road Safety Week the Havering Daily met Inspector Neal Donohoe and his team of amazing officers that keep our roads safe.

Last week we had the opportunity to see first hand the work Roads police officers do across east London and the difficulties these officers face everyday doing their job. Inspector Neal Donohoe is a Tactical Pursuit and Containment driver, a driver trained at the highest level and an expert in his field.

For most of us driving to work is often a stressful situation that involves queuing in traffic and trying to get to our destination as quickly as possible. For Inspector Neal and his team, he is the one left to pick up the pieces when idiots and we all know there are plenty on our roads, break the law or decide to show off and become a reckless driver.

Not all heroes wear capes, these heroes wear uniforms and are there to literally pick up the debris caused by collisions that most times could have been avoided.

Inspector Donohoe’s job is endless and his team of officers are out there everyday urging the public to please adhere to the speed limits and not put the life of others in danger.

One of his hardest jobs is dealing with fatal collisions. He recently made his way across the other side of London following an incident where a male had mounted the pavement and killed a young child outright. It is his job to deal with heartbreaking situations like that, that he admits stay with him when he goes home. Spare Inspector Donohoe a thought as you celebrate new years eve and he spends it like last year looking for the family of a man killed from drunk driving. Remember these issues and remember that these officers are people just like the rest of us.

Inspector Donohoe out of his uniform is a dad to two little boys and enjoys spending time with them and his family.

These officers are out on our streets everyday, treating people with respect and doing the best they can to keep our roads safe. Please remember them the next time you want to knock them, their job is endless and full of the toughest situations imaginable.

Thank you Inspector Donohoe for the tireless and amazing work you and your officers do everyday.

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