Artist collective stuns shoppers with an Exotic Blend of paintings

On Friday 25th September The Mercury Shopping Centre celebrated the exhibition ‘Exotic Blend 11’ with local curator and artist Tashi Khan. Conducting a charity art sale throughout the day, with aims to donate money to local homeless charities, she was also on hand to answer questions about the exhibition too, in pre-booked time slots.

The exhibition that celebrates vibrancy, colour and a different of charming styles and techniques has been on display since 21st September and  has been very popular with shoppers. 

The exhibition includes work from both local and international artists: Elena Lahr-Gorbachevski, Simona Elena Tacu, Andreea Ciucico, Aurelie Freoua, Tashi Khan, Mod Art, Katya Kan , Tara Del Rey and Vera Acotuah. All with very different styles and painting techniques.

“It is uplifting to see something that brightens up your day during these grey and challenging times ” said Spencer Hawken, Centre Manager.

“The work is really vibrant and bold, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you are in the centre, a trip up to level three to see the show is a definite must.”

Tashi, from TashizArt is a local artist and curator from Elm park and has recently found herself on a mission to ‘brighten up’ our borough – most recently opening up her garden for a summer show. She has also been working with The Havering Arts Council to flood their virtual exhibitions with colour.

Tashi said “It was great to have a Space that is seen by so many people in central Romford, it is awesome. I have loved the experience and am really grateful to Havering Arts Council and The Mercury for helping to put the show on”.

Keen on ensuring more people can feel the benefits of creativity she is persistent that more people become interested in Art.

“With more exhibitions and festivals popping up in the area, and organisations like The Mercury, Havering Arts Council and Havering Changing working on more things to help improve our access to cultural activities I really feel like we can do it!”

Exotic Blend 11 is open for its final week at The Mercury, with the end date 5th October. The exhibition is free to see and open from 7am – 10pm daily.

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