Don’t bash our police, back our police-Peter Wheelband.


Peter Wheelband from Romford Labour today writes:

It was with great sadness and more than a little anger , that I was made aware yesterday of a letter sent to The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick from our MP Andrew Rosindell , in which he questioned the integrity of the police force.

The letter suggested that the Metropolitan Police force is “not consistent” “not impartially policing events” and would “selectively choose who is worth protecting , and who is not” . 

The letter also purported to be written “ On behalf of my constituents “ and also said “ My constituents are particularly concerned …..” – Let me tell you something Mr Rosindell , as one of your constituents and the proud father of a serving police officer I can assure you your police bashing letters to the Commissioner do not speak for me.

Unlike it appears your good self , I have a huge respect for our brave bobbies on the beat and would never resort to this kind of behaviour. We have a proud tradition in this country of fair and just police action , carried out by police officers every day of the week , putting themselves on the line in order to protect us. To suggest they carry out their duties with bias and impartiality is an unforgivable slur and simply incorrect.
The police force have had to operate in recent times on reduced budgets and fewer staff (all of which you voted for). Their job as a result has become harder and more dangerous. To then suggest that officers such as my son are carrying out their duties unprofessionally and incorrectly is scandalous.

Today marks the week anniversary of the passing of Sgt Matt Ratana , fatally wounded in the early hours of last Friday when on duty. The timing of this letter is both crass and insensitive, the contents factually incorrect and offensive. An apology to the police force is in order – Nothing less will suffice.
Peter Wheelband
Romford Labour Party.

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