Back our Bobbies – what and who are the SNT police?

Hornchurch Councillor Paul Middleton today shares with us his experience of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

The SNT are the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, set up by the police to keep a small team of officers local to the area they serve.

This has been successful over the last 12 or so years with many more people recognising their local team members.

The team usually comprise of two PCs, one PCSO and one Sargent (who can have several teams reporting to them) the area they cover is in line with the Council Ward boundary’s. They are rarely moved out of the ward boundary.

The team get to know there area very well, they build relationships with the locals and the businesses. This breaks down some of the barriers where people do not feel they can approach the police and enables the team to be more proactive.

Hornchurch Resident’s Association Councillors outside Hornchurch Police Station

The police rely on a mixture of their own knowledge bolstered by information supplied by the public.

They have been very successful in reducing crime in the areas they cover. 

How can you help? 

If you know of wrongdoing, crime or misbehaviour, please contact your local team, the following link will allow you to report issues it will also allow you to see what is happening

If you have been a victim of Cyber Crime / Scam or Fraud, please report it here.

The police need YOUR HELP please tell them if you know something is wrong. Help them to help you.

Councillor Paul Middleton

St Andrews Ward

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