Reducing Knife crime in Havering-by Courtney Barrett.

In 2018/19 the number of knife crime offences recorded in London reached a staggering amount. With almost 15000 offences committed, London accounted for over a third of knife crime nationally. In 2019 out of 288 fatalities in the UK, 149 of them were in London.

In Havering, knife crime offences have very worryingly sky-rocketed by over eighty percent in the last few years.Whilst politicians do not seem to know how to reduce knife crime, the local residents of Havering are extremely concerned and fearful about the high amount of violent crime within the community.A lot of the community are angry at the London mayor and those in power, whose lack of meaningful actions in tackling violent crime has been obvious. But of course there are many reasons why London’s violent crime has risen astronomically. So many in fact, that it seems doubtful that violent crime will reduce any time soon. Certainly not without community involvement anyway. We can’t rely on those in power anymore, and we certainly can’t wait for those in power, whilst more violence and deaths occur in the community.

In the last 2 years alone, there has been so much heartache caused, and so many lives ruined, due to knife crime in Havering. The worst thing is when you look at the list of victims over the last two years, its apparent that knife crime can happen to anyone, any time, and anywhere.Well now there is a glimmer of hope for the community of Havering, as they now have the chance to do something about it themselves. 

Binning Knives Saves Lives CIC are a voluntary organisations who are pro-actively trying to make a difference and reducing knife crime. BKSL hit the streets regularly with their world famous knife amnesty bin, and have to date removed over 1000 knives & 1 gun.

BKSL want to concentrate on making Havering a safer place for everyone. So I urge every reader to get involved and help to make Havering safe again. I’ve lost count of the times parents have said to me, “I’m scared to let my children out to play”. So stop waiting for those in power to act, and lets act ourselves. We can make a massive difference with everyone on board, so get on board, and together as a community we will make Havering the safest borough of London.

BKSL are totally unfunded and rely on your donations, so please consider donating whatever you can to this amazing community campaign, by using the paypal link on the website. If your able to volunteer or if you wish to join the team please use the email link on the website.

You can find fortnightly updates on BKSL, along with news, facts and safety tips, right here in Knife Crime Corner every other Monday.

Last Sunday 9th August BKSL took 27 knives off the streets and out of circulation, making Waltham Forest a little bit safer for everyone. 

Today is a stark reminder of the reality of knife crime and the devastating effects it has on families and communities, as it’s the second anniversary of the murder of Joseph Cullimore who was murdered on August 17th 2018. Joseph, a Waltham Forest resident who was 42 at the time, was stabbed 7 times in his own home by a 16 year old. The 16 year old, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, only received a 6 year sentence for ending Joseph’s life by stabbing him 7 times whilst he was already rendered unconscious!
RIP Joseph Cullimore.

On Sunday November 1st, BKSL launch in Havering, and will undoubtedly make Havering a safer place for everybody.

Support the Binning Knives Saves Lives campaign and together as a community we will make a massive difference reducing knife crime in Havering.
By Courtney Barrett (The Knife Man)

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