VIDEO: Locals angry at anti social behaviour in park.

Local residents living near St Andrew’s Park in Hornchurch have come together to try and stop the ongoing anti social behaviour in their park.

Residents are fed up with gangs of teenagers who gather together in groups of twenty to thirty and cause anti social behaviour.

Dog walkers have faced verbal abuse, as they walk round the park alongside the dropping of litter in an unbelievable way.

One local resident told the Havering Daily: “Many locals have stopped bringing their young children to the park as the older yobs always use foul language. They leave piles of litter, they are rude, they ride their bikes right at you doing wheelies trying to intimidate you. It’s really frightening for the dogs.

“They hide amongst the bushes shouting abuse at you, they smoke weed. If you say anything to them they give you a mouthful of obscenities.”

Another local resident told the Havering Daily: “I went up to see if they had cleared up all the litter once they had gone and they hadn’t so I started to film the disgusting mess they left behind and as I was filming they shouted abuse at me from behind the bushes. They started to call me c**t, to go s**k my mum, to f**k off all sorts of abusive language.

“Mums have stopped bringing their children up here because of this. They ride their bikes very fast on the narrow path, nearly knocking over elderly people or running over dogs. It’s terrible.”

Residents are angry at the way these teenagers have trashed their park, showing no respect for the environment or for the area they live in.

Locals have been calling the police on a regular basis so now hope something will be done.

Please note the video has been edited as it contained abusive language.

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