Staff at Queen’s and King George’s hospital need your help!

The amazing staff at Queen’s and King George’s hospital have battling hard to deal with the Covid 19 outbreak. Our incredible doctors and nurses have done an immense job treating hundreds of patients every day who have caught this horrific virus that has sadly killed so many not just in our borough but across the whole country.

Now, the staff at Queen’s and King George’s need your help. They are in desperate need of the following items:


Dry snacks like individual biscuits and bars


Pot noodles

Cup a soup


Soft drinks

Puzzle books

Playing cards.

Please if you have any of the above goods that you can spare for our hospital staff you can email or Peter Wheelband, or Carol Karaca, carol_petersen98@hotmail. com.

You can also visit the storage facility at the Romford Labour Party Headquaters at Saffron House, 273 South Street, RM1 2BE between the hours of 9-11am this monday to Friday.

Donations being delivered.
Peter and Carol at the storage facility.

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