9-year-old James writes moving COVID 19 poem.

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Nine year old James Evans from Havering has written a very moving poem about COVID 19.

Coronavirus 2020.

There was a day in March

That we were told to stay at home.

At first I felt afraid

But then remembered i’m not alone.

My family are here with me

We are doing what we are told,

You see we want to stay very safe

To grow up until we are old.

Coronavirus isn’t nice.

In fact I think it’s cruel

So stay at home and stay very safe

That is the golden rule!

This nasty bug has taken lives

It’s all over the news

Go out against advice..

Or stay at home, you choose

The truth is we know

Which answer would be right

Stay home and help the NHS

To fight fight fight.

Coronavirus will not win

Our nation will be strong

To work together as a team

You’ll see i’m not wrong!!

Some people find that staying home

Is frustrating and a pain

But if you do what they say

This small sacrifice is your gain

We cry for those that we have lost

In this time of fear

But please stay positive and remember

Better times will soon be here.

Well done James! What a little hero!

9 year old poet James.

One thought on “9-year-old James writes moving COVID 19 poem.

  • 28th April 2020 at 5:25 pm

    James is my Grandson we are all so very proud of him love Nanny Gel xx


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