Postmen urging public not to open the door to them.

Despite the global health crisis we are in, our postmen and women are still delivering to our door. They are classified as keyworkers during this terrible time our country and the world is going through.

We are relying on our post workers to deliver us our post and more importantly healthcare products, food and even medical supplies.

A postman here in Havering has shared with the Havering Daily key factors they are asking the community to do to help out postal workers.

  1. Think about safety first, for yours and the postman.
  2. If you see your postman coming towards your door, please do NOT open your door. They will sign your parcels and letters for you. They will leave a parcel, food or medication on your doorstep then knock. Please give your postman/ post lady enough time to step away from the door.
  3. If you are already outside your house, go inside or step two metres away from your postman. Please do NOT approach your postman. If we tell you to stop and back off or close your door, please don’t feel offended. We are only trying to help protect you from this virus.

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