Are we locking down? Councillor Williamson

COUNCILLOR UPDATE (COVID-19) (2). South Hornchurch councillor Graham Williamson writes:

There has been a lot of discussion about whether the country should lockdown like Italy, Spain and France i.e. staying indoors regardless of your condition, instead of just ‘social distancing’. Whilst it seems a good idea to help slow down the virus spreading, the consequences for business, jobs and the economy would be disastrous. Some businesses and jobs are likely to be lost, at least in short term (the Government’s wage relief plan looks positive however). Clearly though there has to be a balance between the two positions although the Government has been shifting a little bit more towards asking more people to stay indoors. Maybe you are one of them?


It is worrying how easily some can panic. Whilst we can scratch our heads over why some people’s first thought was to stock up on loo rolls the sight of empty shelves is far more concerning, especially for our elderly and living on their own. If you are one and at some point need help contact one of your local councillors or someone from the list shown here: COVID-19 COMMUNITY SUPPORT PAGE


The Council have shutdown all face to face meetings. Most of the workforce are, where possible, working from home.  Waste collection is still operating although there maybe some delays. Schools of course are now shut. I hope our parents can keep their children amused! 

Further information on Council services can be accessed via their website

For all the latest advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) however please click on the Government website


I think in the UK we are at a crossroads i.e. will the Government, health service and our own measures work and keep most businesses and our people healthy until medical science comes up with a solution? Let’s hope that is sooner than later. Speak soon!

Cllr Graham Williamson is a Havering Resident Association councillor for South Hornchurch

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