Councillors Corner: Councillor Update (COVID-19)

Cllr Graham Williamson is a Havering Resident Association councillor for South Hornchurch.

In our Councillor’s Corner today Cllr Graham Williamson, Havering Resident Association councillor for South Hornchurch writes:

It has become common for many to say we live in ‘interesting times’ but surely the world’s reaction to Covid-19 makes it so. Many of you reading this will self-isolating for one reason or another. Some of you may be laid-off from work, many will no doubt be joining you. Regardless of your circumstances, everyone is asking the same questions. How long do we have to stay at home? How safe is it to go out? How much will I get paid if off work? Will schools close? Will food supplies be maintained? etc etc.

As councillors we rely upon the ‘powers that be’ to advise us on the above and much more. To be honest they get their information from Government and the latter are making decisions on the hoof because this is largely unprecedented and there isn’t a dusty manual on the shelf to consult.  


The Havering Daily has asked me to share some thoughts and some relevant information to you as and when we can over the coming weeks. They have put together a list of contacts throughout Havering that can be reached that hopefully covers your area.

The Council is also trying to put together a comprehensive list of links using the Havering Volunteer Centre etc. Soon everyone should have a clearer understanding of where to go should you need help or advice. This may become more important to our community in a few weeks rather than a few days.


Of course, there are many good people out there that will want to help out their fellow Havering neighbours and if out of all of this, we rediscover a sense of community spirit and selfless commitment, some good will come out of bad.

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