Residents unhappy with plans for new community centre

Havering Council has received its’ second application to build a Community Centre (Mosque) in a residential street (Manser Road) in Rainham.

An earlier application last year was turned down by the Council, primarily because no parking was provided for visitors. The present application is for a similar but slightly smaller building crammed into a ‘back garden’ but parking is, again, only available for staff.

Local Independent Residents Councillor Natasha Summers (South Hornchurch ward) said.

“I have been contacted again by local residents concerned about the likely disruption to their lives, especially concerning the lack of parking, with such a scheme

She added that “Whilst there is always a need for Community Centres it must be in appropriate areas i.e. not in the middle of a residential area, and, in particular, must provide for their visitor’s needs e.g. parking spaces. It is not for existing residents to surrender their ‘own’.” 

The reason she is opposing the scheme is:

  • Insufficient parking for users who will have to park further along in Manser and neighbouring roads.
  • Insufficient noise control measures to protect neighbours.
  • Conflict with the regeneration of the nearby Manser Road Shopping Parade.
  • Unacceptable times of operation in a residential area i.e. a minimum of 6.00 am – 19.45 pm.
  • There will soon be a large Community Centre and a multi-faith in nearby Beam Park.

She asks that, if other residents agree that the building is inappropriate for this residential area, they should e-mail the Council via quoting application number P0128.20 before Wednesday 25th March!

One thought on “Residents unhappy with plans for new community centre

  • 19th March 2020 at 4:20 pm

    Don’t let the cancer to spread. Try building a church in a Muslim country–they will shoot you!!! Think about that


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