World premiere production of Maggie May an emotive play on dementia.

The Queen’s Theatre is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with the Leeds Playhouse and Curve Theatre for the first time to produce this world premiere Maggie May.

This is a heartwarming drama by award-winning writer Frances Poet about enduring love presented as a warm, humorous and uplifting story, infused with familiar music.

Maggie and Gordon first met in 1971 dancing to the sound of Rod Stewart ; now in their sixties and still very much in love and still finishing each other’s songs as they did when young.  However Maggie is now starting to feel foggy and some days songs are the only thing she can remember. Her son and his new girlfriend are coming to dinner and her best friend is starting to ask questions.

This is an extraordinary play about an ordinary Leeds family balancing the challenges of daily life whilst living with dementia. Leeds Playhouse has been pioneering a creative programme for people living with dementia and commissioned Frances Poet to write a play about families living with Dementia for their Every Third Minute Festival in 2018.

This Festival was an innovative seven-week collaborative festival of theatre, dementia, and hope, created by people living with Dementia and their carers and supporters. 

This hit a personal chord for Frances whose father had suffered with Dementia. 

On Monday the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch held a meet and greet with the actors, director, creatives, and co-producers. Members of the press and local care and action groups were present and were able to hear first hand the background to the play and how much care had been taken to show the difficulties faced by Dementia.

The cast were very open about how they had approached the play and the effect the condition has had on them. The Queen’s is now offering a range of Dementia-friendly performances and is creating and building welcoming audiences affected by this condition.

Mathew Russell the Executive Director led this initiative and it was a very positive experience being able to talk to the cast and director and learn how much background they had gathered to make this production a success.

On another note Francis O’Connor the set designer explained the challenge of creating the set in conjunction with the writer Frances Poet, having seen a model I have to say this looks inspiring.

Maggie May runs at the Queen’s Theatre from 13th March to 28th March and then moves to Leeds Playhouse.

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