New wards proposed at boundary change meeting last night.

At a meeting of full council members last night the boundary changes were discussed and an option was chosen.

Council members have decided that four new wards will be introduced in Havering.

  1. A new Harrow Lodge ward
  2. A new Beam Park Ward
  3. A new Rush Green Ward
  4. A new Berwick Pond Ward.

Wards will see either two or three councillors for each ward. The new proposals have now been put forward to the Boundary Commission.

The division of the Rainham ward has angered Resident Association Councillors. Councillor Graham Williamson told the Havering Daily: “When I first heard the news that the Administration was considering splitting Rainham in two I thought it was a joke. Knowing it was true I can only think such an ill thought out and unprofessional plan is motivated by self interest.”

Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White said: “Some of the wards were not appropriate in size, they were bigger than some London boroughs and that is not sensible.

Full council decided yesterday on the proposals and they have now been submitted to the Boundary Commission.”

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