Bins returned to Elm Park.


Councillor Stephanie Nunn was pleased to report that the bins that were removed in Elm Park have now returned.

She writes in the Havering Daily today.

After being told “no”, we are pleased to report that we have had success and there are now recycling bins in the car park next to Elm Park Library.  These are to replace the ones taken from the Northwood Avenue car park when the owners terminated the lease they had with Havering Council.

We arranged a site visit with Havering council officers from recycling and parking and told them that residents needed somewhere to recycle glass in between Station Parade and Harrow Lodge Park.  It was too far to walk for those with no cars, the bins were often overflowing at the park and we all need to look after our environment.

They agreed with us that the recycling facility was required and it would not take up too much space.  Within a few days of the meeting, the bins were installed.

Councillor Nunn with the new recycle bins.

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