Police officer deals with baby’s death and finds note telling him he should be fined.

So the latest fad seems to be leaving unpleasant messages on emergency vehicles.

Last week we saw a police officer who had just dealt with the death of a baby enter the supermarket to grab a sandwich for his lunch and find a note saying ‘£100 fine for shopping on duty’.

That police officer had just finished seven hours of dealing with a baby’s sudden death, no more needs to be said really.

The Havering Daily spoke with retired Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kirkham about this issue of emergency services bashing that appears to be on the increase.

There seems to be a trend of late regarding people leaving emergency services notes on their vehicles. People are clearly willing to stick their noses in other people’s business.

This comes from a decade of a Government lead by Theresa May first as Home Secretary then as Prime Minister to be totally anti-police. People have become emboldened by this and as it builds it then increases to more serious issues like the increase in the verbal abuse police officers are now dealing with. Thanks to a former Government lead anti-police campaign, we now have open season on police bashing.

The former Government constantly criticised the police and people have now joined onto this campaign and we are seeing an increase in assaults on emergency service members and the introduction of these notes left on their parked vehicles.

Sadly this has become a common occurrence now and police are having to deal with it on a daily basis.

The public needs to remember that police officers do not have canteens anymore and have to go out to get their food. They work ridiculously long hours and have as much right as everybody else to a lunch break.

The person who left this note on this police officer’s car needs to be fronted and spoken to. All the Victor Meldew’s out there moaning about emergency service vehicles parking, sadly it’s not a case of ‘I can’t believe it’, but yes I certainly can believe it.”

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