Borough’s investment in road repairs.


A programme to repair and resurface roads and pavements across the borough was launched in May last year. The programme is working in partnership with Marlborough Highways, which is carrying out the works on behalf of the Council.

This sees an investment of £40m over four years, £10m a year and this will continue over the next three years.

Last year saw the council repaired and resurfaced 26 miles of roads and pavements already as part of this programme. The repairs and resurfacing is based on the “worst” first and the programme is continually reviewed.

The locations of the roads and pavements in the borough identified for surfacing works have been prioritised according to data collected from the United Kingdom Pavement Management System condition surveys, undertaken of every road and pavement in Havering, which is then verified by Havering Council officers.

In the Living Magazine there is the latest list of roads and pavements being repaired [lists show work being carried out over next three months, this list is updated for every issue]

In addition to this programme, over 1,000 potholes were repaired by the Council between April and December last year. Individual inspections are carried out by the Council’s highways maintenance team and other potholes are identified through receiving reports from residents.

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