‘It’s crazy, our children are not safe on our streets anymore. Everyday there are muggings and stabbings.’

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School children in Havering on the way home from school have been targeted by gangs of youths coming from outside of the borough in an ongoing spate of muggings.

It is believed the spate started in the spring when youths from other east London boroughs came to Havering to mug children on their way home, mainly for their phones and trainers.

Yesterday it is believed further muggings took place across the borough on the build up to Christmas.

The Havering Daily spoke exclusively to a Hornchurch mother whose 14 year old son was mugged in June coming home from school.

The mother who wishes to remain anonymous told the Havering Daily:

He had just got off the bus and said goodbye to his friends when a group of youths approached him, pulling his blazer and pushing him around.

They took his phone and went through his school bag for money and other personal items he had on him. Luckily he didn’t carry any cash and his bag just contained school books and folders so it was just his phone they took.

He was very shaken up and has still not really recovered from the event. Now either myself or my husband collect him from school everyday.

It’a crazy, our children are not safe anymore. Everyday you hear of muggings or stabbings going on. I fear for my children and the world they are growing up in. This mugging has had an impact on my son, he doesn’t walk the streets confidently, he’s always looking over his shoulder in case someone is behind him. It shouldn’t be like this.

I don’t blame the police, with all the cuts they have had our streets are now suffering the consequences. No one feels safe, we all fear when our children are out there with their friends or even just walking to and from school. It is a very scary world now.”

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