Mosque members hand out food bags to those in need.


On Sunday 15 December members of the Iqra Community Centre mosque in Collier Row gave out bags of food to the local community along with the help of Romford Labour’s Angelina Leatherbarrow.

The event was held outside of the North Romford Community centre in Collier Row where members of the mosque had collected food to distribute back into the community.

Angelina Leatherbarrow told the Havering Daily:

It was a very successful day, we had people of ages come along and take a free bag of food.

We had a young family come along that was too embarrassed and felt ashamed to use a food bank. So they were handed out a couple of free bags of food. It was great to see the children smile when they saw chocolate and crisps in the bags.

A lady came to take a bag for her elderly neighbour who could not get out and needed help. The food bags were there for people of all ages who needed help.”

The event will take place again this Sunday 22 December, so if you need help or know someone who could use the help, there will be free food bags being handed out to those in need.

Angela added :

The members of the mosque want to be part of the community and are doing their best to support the local community here in Romford and Collier Row. This is such a fantastic thing to do.”

Members of the Mosque community with the food bags.

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