The Krays book of slang.


The east end gangster world gathered together at the Punchbowl pub in Mayfair last week for the launch of a book called ‘The Krays book of Slang’.

The author Steve Wraith embarked on this book with the help of his teenage daughter last summer.

Steve, who was a friend of the Kray twins set his daughter a task over the summer holiday’s to learn cockney rhyming slang. He told the Havering Daily:

Slang is something they always used and something I became familiar with despite being a Geordie.

Last year when my daughter turned twelve I set her a project on cockney rhyming slang to get her used to it and also to teach her that money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Steve wrote to Reggie Kray as a youngster whilst Reggie was in Gartree prison and embarked on several projects with them including having t-shirts made with their faces on. He stayed with friends with both Reggie and Ronnie throughout their later years visiting both in prison.

The twins started me on a journey, they both loved boxing and I became a boxing promoter, they loved the world of film and I have been in numerous films, so it has been a very interested road.”

The book was first published fifteen years ago but recently revisited by Steve with the help of his daughter after he purchased fifty original photographs of the Krays including rare photos of Reggie’s wife Frances Kray.

Steve added:

Frances was his main love, she was his true love and he still loved her.”

The event at the Mayfair pub saw many east end faces such as Freddie Foreman, Maureen Flanagan, Linda Calvey. Also present was Veronica Richardson wife of Charlie all at the Punchbowl pub to help promote the book.

Micky Fawcett and Maureen Flanagan with an original photograph of the Krays.
East end gangster Freddie Foreman.
Author Steve Wraith, Linda Calvey and Veronica Richardson.

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