EXCLUSIVE launch of the #millionpoundselfie.

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Today the Havering Daily can exclusively launch the #millionpound selfie.

Local businessman Simon Ford from Harold Hill is aiming to raise a million pound for lots of different life changing projects by trending the hashtag #millionpoundselfie.

The idea came to Simon after hearing about the operation his Saturday girl’s mum had been refused on the NHS due to the NHS funding lottery last week. Since then Simon has thought hard about a way to raise money locally for those in need.

The idea came whist talking to a good friend on Wednesday and by Friday the idea became reality and the #millionpound selfie was started. It took off with a blast as 700 people joined within a matter of days. Now just three days after the site began it already has over a thousand participants with the hashtag #million pound selfie going viral.

Havering Business’ Simon Ford who came up with the idea last week.

Havering Business’ Simon Ford told the Havering Daily:

“Many people have been asking me how will we raise money. One example being like influences on Instagram who make up to £1000 influencing a brand, #millionpoundselfie becomes the influencers, and it’s also like Facebook 2.8 billion people use Facebook for free yet it makes billions of pounds of year. Very similar to the idea of million pound selfie”.

Mr Ford added:

“I would like everybody to join then tell their friends and family to join to make Million Pound Selfie a trend then share selfies they have taken with the #millionPoundsSelfie & hashtag the the brand or what is in the photo. Let’s do what we can to help support our community and those in need”.

The Havering Daily is proud to be the official media team for the #millionpoundselfie. Please join in and help support lots of locals in need of help. All you have to do is use the hashtag #millionpoundselfie.

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