Nine year old assaulted, thrown off scooter and onto the floor as he rode to school.

Nine year old Ethan Bright was on his way to school yesterday morning just before 8am on his scooter when he was picked up by the waist and thrown on the floor by an unknown man.

The shocking and unprovoked attack happened in Dagenham just near Rugby Road near the roundabout as the nine year old was on his way to school.

The youngster was left in shock and covered in bruises after being thrown on the floor by a man grabbing him from behind, throwing him on the floor and then getting in a nearby parked car where another man was waiting for him in the vehicle.

Ethan’s mum Maxine who has family in Collier Row told the Havering Daily:

Ethan loves his scooter and this is his little bit of independence riding his scooter to school everyday.

He goes to breakfast club every morning and yesterday was no different. He had on his tracksuit as it was Children in Need and rode off happily going to school.

Ethan had taken his usual journey to school, he had crossed near Rugby Road near the Roundhouse pub opposite the flats when this man has approached him from behind, picked him up from the waist and thrown him on the floor. Ethan then picked himself back up and rode to school as quickly as possible”.

Scratches and bruising on Ethan’s knee.

Maxine was shocked when she received a phone call from Ethan’s school Dorothy Barley, who had called the police straight away, informing her of the incident.

We had to wait three and a half hours for the police to come but when they came they were really kind and helpful and said it is an assault on a minor“.

Ethan was left with bruising across his knees and across his face as he landed heavily on the floor.

Ethan is a very quiet lad and shy, he had a nightmare last night as a result of this. He sleepwalks when he is upset and my husband and I found him up and crying after this incident.

Now my husband will be taking him to school everyday and he has lost his little bit of independence he loved so much”.

Maxine who is 31 weeks pregnant has been left in shock and very upset by this horrifying incident.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

The incident took place yesterday morning just before eight o clock and the suspect is described as a white male aged in his 20’s wearing a black Nike tracksuit and wooly hat, about 5’11 in height. He got into a nearby black Ford Focus.

I don’t want this man to do this to anybody else’ child. It’s very scary”.

The road and junction where the assault took place yesterday morning.

If anybody witnessed this attack on Ethan please come forward contact us and we will provide you with the police contact details. Or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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