POLL: Should Fireworks be banned?

Yesterday the Havering Daily ran a story on local dog owners calling for a ban on fireworks following the distressing repercussions of their pets.

Endless pets and wildlife across the country suffer horrific results due to the loud noises emitted from fire works.

The dog walkers from St Andrew’s park in Hornchurch have received endless feed back from dog owners across the area sharing their same fears.

The ladies from St Andrew’s park are keen to point out that they don’t want a total ban on fireworks as they appreciate they are enjoyed by many people but are looking for fireworks to be used only in designated areas such as large displays.

Today we are asking for your views on this matter, do you share the dog owners views following the horrifying results of animals losing their lives of heart attack and such injuries due to the loud noises caused by fireworks? Or do you think fireworks should continue as they currently are?

Please see below for our survey and share with us your views on this matters.

What are your thoughts on Fireworks?

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