EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘The more arrests we get the more attention we get’. Extinction Rebellion.

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Havering’s Extinction Rebellion are part of the current protest in London making the headlines this morning. Many parts of London including Trafalgar square were closed off yesterday as part of the protest by Extinction Rebellion.

Nolly from Havering’s Rebellion group exclusively told the Havering Daily, It has been absolutely amazing, the atmosphere in London has been just incredible. We have had so much more support than we had in April.

Protestors yesterday listening to talks.

Members of the public have come out to support us, they cheer us on as they walk by and even the police in Trafalgar square have chatted with us and had a laugh.

The arrests have been more and we want that. The more arrests we get the more attention we get and the Government will be forced to listen to us. We need to make these changes, we need the system to change. It’s about making climate changes more accessible to everyone.

We asked Nolly if it was true that ambulances and other emergency service vehicles were being obstructed from going to their destination.

Nolly told us ‘No this is absolutely not true, as soon as we hear a siren we all automatically move out of the way. There is no way we would impede any emergency vehicle from getting to their destination especially not ambulances.’

So far it is believed that two hundred and seventy people have been arrested.

Exclusive footage from yesterday’s protest.

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