VIDEO: They do amazing work in the community.’ Shaun Bailey out with Take a knife Save a Life.

Tonight the Havering Daily joined members of ‘Take a knife Save a Life’ on patrol with Conservative Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey.

Take a knife Save a life members with Shaun Bailey.

Members assembled outside Central park in Harold Hill ready for another night of patrol gathering weapons and speaking to many local residents and teenagers who stop them to talk.

Shaun Bailey

Whilst on patrol a child fell off his bike and Taksal members were on hand to perform first aid and help the child.

A short briefing was held to discuss any intelligence provided to the group and then the team of volunteers split into two groups to patrol the park and nearby areas.

The teams patrolling the park.

Local gangs are known to the team and they are briefed up on any possible trouble that might occur on the night.

These are an amazing team of volunteers that come out every night to keep the streets of Havering safe and take knives and weapons off our streets. They walk long hours and speak to countless people who approach them happy to see the teams out patrolling in Havering.

Paula and Shaun Bailey

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