‘I was so shocked and upset that I burst all my wounds and blood poured out of me like a tap.’

Gary with one of his Les Paul’s that was stolen.

A 57 year old haemophiliac sufferer has had eight of his precious guitars and all his watches stolen as he lay in hospital last week.

Gary Redman from Kenilworth Avenue, was in hospital under going a series of operations when the wicked burglary took place in his home.

Mr Redman who suffers with haemophilia, was given contaminated blood in 1979 and as a result now suffers with liver failure and many other complications resulting from the contaminated blood.

He told the Havering DailyI came home on Thursday from hospital and found that my house had been burgled. I was so shocked and upset that I burst every wound I had. The blood was pouring out of me like a tap as I stood there and saw what they had done to my house.’

As a result Gary had to go straight back to hospital to have another operation to close all his wounds following the traumatic event he had undergone.

The callous thieves have stolen the most precious things in Gary’s life, his guitars and his watches, they even stole his car keys and returned the Tuesday after to steal his mobility car from his drive.

Gary playing at one of his gigs with another of his guitars that was stolen.

My guitars are part of me, they have earned me a good living, and watches are something I love. They have taken everything from me and were even brazen enough to come back and steal my car off my drive the week after.’

Gary had expensive guitars stolen including Gibson Les Pauls, they even stole the first guitar Gary’s parents bought him when he was just ten years old.

They stole my collection of watches that included a watch my son bought me many years ago with his first two wage packets. They have literally taken everything that is dear to me, I am so angry.

They have taken half of my life away. Every guitar is different and unique. It took me four years to find one of the guitars. Somebody out there must know who these thieves are.’

Gary is heartbroken and hopes now that someone out there will know where his guitars are and that they can be found.

In eight days they have totally cleaned me out. I hope they use my car and crash in it, then I can get my guitars back.’

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